Field Measurements | Regional Modelling | Numerical Modelling | Physical Modelling


The Data

The data originate from field measurements, and regional, numerical and physical modelling relating to the assessment, characterisation, and extraction of tidal stream energy, but have wider application in other Offshore Renewable Energy areas. These data were collected and generated across multiple industrial-academic research projects from 2010 onwards.

Our Philosophy

We believe that the key to efficient advancement of research is to ensure research data are publicly available, easy to access and use, with simplified access to the information content. To this end, data from multiple research projects are being collated, documented, and stored as static data blocks, and embedded in a database that supports enhanced access and information extraction.

Our Mission

We aim to simplify the access to highly valuable datasets, with improved metadata and quality control, which provide the basis for an improved understanding of the marine environment and fluid-machine interactions, and aid the development of engineering tools that can be used to lower the costs and risks associated with offshore renewable energy.